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From CHAOS to Clarity

A few simple shifts that will make a lasting difference in your business. 



Client Results

I was able to save $52,497 and generate an additional $60,000 in new revenue within the first few months of joining this group.

Michelle Sorro

Business Owner in Los Angeles, CA

My business was not only able to survive the covid chaos, it was able to THRIVE!

Sifu Thommy Böhlig

Business Owner in Germany

All champions have great coaches. Jairek is a gifted coach who has helped me think through and solve multiple obstacles in my business as it was scaling into eight figure revenue. I’m grateful for the results and his friendship.

Brandon Webb

NYT Best Selling Author & Business Owner

The value we get from this group and from Jairek and Amanda is priceless. If you compare what you get from others, they’re not even in the same league. I don’t even think it’s because the surname is Robbins. They have their own individual thoughts and methods which quite frankly are appreciated.

Christopher Hayward

Business Owner

Jairek is the epitome of a world-class coach. He strives on daily basis to learn as much as possible so he can better train and teach his clients. His knowledge and positive attitude help me achieve more and be more fulfilled.

Chris Ehrenfeld

President of Bold Real Estate Companies

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