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How to hire the right people

Five tips on hiring the best employees for your small business


1. Hire slowly

Your business will depend on these people, so it’s crucial that you select the most suitable applicants. Before you ask someone to fill out an application form, make sure she is aware of what working for your company entails and how long the hiring process may take. Begin by gathering as much information as possible about each potential employee before you interview them.

2. Create a Scorecard

You’ll need a written scorecard that shows them exactly what it takes to get an A+ at this job. Without a scorecard you’ll be hiring for a position vs hiring for a result to be accomplished — this is a BIG mistake.

3. Ask about experience

If the applicant has direct experience in the field you need, that’s great; if not, ask how they would handle a similar situation. Be sure to find out how long ago the person worked in this position (past job experiences may not be very relevant), and compare his answer with what you’ve learned from former employers and associates. Always ask for references; check them, too (you can do so without giving away the fact that you’re considering hiring this person).

4. Hire the best fit first

If you need several employees for your business, start by hiring the one who’s most qualified. Think of this in three ways.
CAN they do the job. Do they have the capabilities required to actually get the job done.
WILL they do the job. Are they willing to show up and do the job each day.
IS IT THEIR NATURE to do this job. Is their personality type, priorities, values…etc. in alignment with this job. This one is crucial for it to be a long-term fit.

5. Watch out for red flags

Sometimes you’re unable to follow up on your suspicions about an applicant, such as the time limit on an employment contract (which may vary from state to state). No matter how much you’d prefer not to hire a certain person, don’t break any laws or circumvent company policies; remember that you can always turn the person down.

Use these five tips to make sure you hire the best employees for your small business.

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